Motivational Interviewing

Organizational leaders must select and implement evidence-based practices that support their single greatest asset – their staff.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a communication approach that helps staff to effectively and efficiently serve their clients. Whether you represent a small practice, a mid-sized firm, or a large scale agency, MI training may have several benefits for your organization. LDI knows how to provide Motivational Interviewing (MI) training in ways that lead to successful implementation. Increasingly, more options are available for effective MI training to fit your organization’s needs in terms of content, budgets, and time constraints.


An often underutilized step in the process, a needs assessment can elicit input from administrative and front line staff to identify needs, potential barriers, and solutions that result in staff buy-in and long-term gains.


E-learning is an efficient option for teaching introductory topics, providing baseline knowledge, and illustrating concepts using hosted videos. We have already developed and successfully implemented a comprehensive eLearning system called MI-INTRO, that can be quickly scaled and customized for your organization.


Blended learning allows for deeper understanding of a topic. It includes both e-learning (to provide knowledge) and classroom instruction (to provide practice with hands-on application).


Instructor-led training allows for demonstrations, role-playing, and dynamic experiential training experiences. We employ a wide range of training activities that allow your staff to observe, experience, and practice skills related to the use of MI in the workplace.


Effective long-term implementation may require additional coaching. LDI provides web-based and in-person coaching services as needed. We can also document staff proficiency utilizing structured evaluation procedures, and, if required, establish a certification process.

Examples of MI Training Topics:

• Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
• Advanced MI Skills Training
• Person-Centered Communication Skills – OARS
• The Four Processes Of Motivational Interviewing
• Recognizing and Responding to Change Talk
• MI Summaries – The Quintessential Skill
• Mindset of the MI Practitioner
• Understanding & Responding to Client Resistance
• Avoiding Pitfalls to Effective Client Engagement

Criminal Justice Courses

• Increasing Engagement in Programming
• Combining MI with CBT
• Enhancing Parole and Probation Compliance
• Alternatives to Verbal Confrontation

Educational Courses

• Engaging Learners
• Preventing and Managing Disruptions
• Understanding Student Resistance
• MI in Student Counseling

Health Care Courses

• Providing Advice That Is More Likely To Be Followed
• Agenda Setting for Brief Patient Interactions
• MI for Substance Use Disorders
• Implementing MI in Dental Practice
• Implementing MI in Nursing

Corporate Courses

• Making Effective Referrals in Employee Assistance Programs
• Helping Customers Get Unstuck
• Combining MI with Health and Safety Efforts
• MI for Managers

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