Performance Consulting

Our outside perspective can help you solve problems

Competency Mapping

In order to develop successful training programs,  it is important to identify the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to successfully perform in a role or position. We can help you:

  • Analyze jobs to identify required competencies
  • Define required competencies and behavior-based performance levels
  • Develop competency assessments
  • Analyze assessment results to identify training needs

Task Analysis

To understand the requirements of a job, you must identify the frequency and the complexity of all the activities. Let us:

  • Identify specific jobs that require task analysis
  • Perform and document the task analysis
  • Determine elements of a job that may need to be re-evaluated
  • Develop training to support each element of a job

Gap Analysis

Often, there is a gap between current conditions and desired conditions. Let us work with you to:

  • Assess the current level of performance
  • Define the desired level of performance
  • Collect data to identify gaps
  • Recommend solutions to resolve the challenge

Curriculum Development

Successful training environments follow a curriculum that aligns with job competencies and career pathways. We can:

  • Identify the goal or purpose of the training system
  • Integrate training pathways with career pathways
  • Identify training gaps
  • Align training to competencies