Adult Learning Styles Infographic

Adult Learning Styles

It is important to know about adult learning styles. Your personal style affects the way that you learn and the way that you provide instruction to others. Because there are different personality types, there also are different learning styles. Successful learning often depends on being able to use a preferred “style.” Awareness of different learning styles will help you provide information in ways that meet the needs of all learners, and make you much more effective as an on-the-job coach or trainer.

  • Some people are global learners. They prefer to learn general concepts or ideas first. Then, they are ready to learn details and facts.
  • Other people are analytical learners. They would rather learn about details first and work toward the big picture.
  • Some people are visual learners. They need to see a picture, graphic, written text or numbers.
  • Other people are auditory learners. They learn better when they hear the information.
  • Finally, some people are tactile learners. They need to feel, touch, and do. They like to see how things work
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