Coaching infographic

Coaching: What is it and What isn’t it?

Maybe you thought this was just another coaching infographic. We want to answer the questions what is coaching and what isn’t it.

COACHING refers to frequent, ongoing interactions between supervisors/managers and employees that are designed to improve work performance. These interactions can be initiated by either party. There are many benefits of effective coaching. These benefits can affect the employees who are coached, the supervisors who do the coaching, and the organization in which the coaching takes place. Team performance reflects directly on the ability of the leader.

Coaching can be…

Job oriented

  • Designed to help employees acquire needed knowledge and skills
  • Intended to aid in the development process

Or, coaching can be…

Behavior oriented

  • Designed to help employees adjust to a work situation through a joint problem solving process
  • Intended to help employees examine attitudes, feelings, or behaviors that may be creating problems

Coaching is not…

  • A lecture, vague comment, or psychotherapy
  • A disciplinary action or a threat
  • Solving other peoples’ problems
  • A replacement for performance appraisal

The bottom line: Coaching improves performance.

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