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We understand that every workplace is unique.

…that’s why custom content development is often the key to effective learning. When you partner with us, the process will begin with a conversation about your goals and desired outcomes. The next step is to assess your target audience and organizational environment to identify the best approach to learning. Then, we’ll design and develop training to engage your learners and achieve the desired performance objectives. Finally, we work with you to pilot test the training, analyze test results, and make plans for ongoing delivery.

We use the well-known ADDIE process:


The Analysis phase clarifies the instructional problems and objectives, and identifies the learning environment and learner’s existing knowledge and skills.

The Design phase involves the development of performance-based objectives, training content, instructional strategies and assessment instruments.

The Development phase is where instructional designers and developers create and assemble content assets described in the design phase.

The Implementation phase is when the training is rolled out to the target audience.

The Evaluation phase involves receiving feedback from the target audience.

We all remember the good old days.


A VHS with awkward music, a training manual that looks like it was created with a typewriter, or worse, death by PowerPoint. These days of training are over. You’re asking learners to give up valuable time and invest in your training. If a course looks unprofessional, it looks uninviting. Our graphic design team understands that looks do matter!

Hand holding a mobile device with Learning Designs content displayed

Training app’s are the way of the future NOW.


The digital world we live in makes us crave immediate access to information. Our team recognizes the need and has moved to fill that gap. From mobile job aids to short resource videos, your learners can have the information they need right at their fingertips!

We create custom learning solutions