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Five Stages to Plan and Execute Effective Meetings

We’ve all been in those meetings that could have easily been an email. Effective meetings require you to plan and prepare. That is why we want to help you!

Here are 5 stages to plan and execute an effective meeting.

  • Planning
    • The planning stage is the most important, think about:
      • What is the purpose of the meeting?
      • Who will participate in the meeting?
      • What is a good time and location for the meeting?
    • Preparing
      • Details can be overwhelming when facilitating a meeting, prepare for:
        • Process: If decisions need to be made, how will those decisions be made?
        • Participants: Who has the most information, knowledge or expertise on the topic? Who is the meeting leader and who is the recorder?
        • Materials: What materials need to be prepared for the meeting?
      • Setting the Agenda
        • With a good agenda, people enter with a clear understanding of meeting objectives and expectations, plan to:
          • Identify the group leader
          • Organize meeting activities
          • Outline a meeting schedule
        • Conducting a Meeting
          • A good meeting is efficient and productive, to optimize your time make sure to:
            • Building rapport with meeting participants
            • Make introductions and review the agenda
            • Pay attention to the time!
          • Concluding a Meeting
            • Once all the agenda items have been covered – it’s time to end the meeting, you ought to:
              • Summarize any decisions made and identify next steps
              • Arrange to have the meeting minutes distributed in a timely manner
              • Thank all the participants for their time and cooperation
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