Lockout Energy Control and you Infographic

Lockout Energy Control and You: Where Do You Fit?

Lockout Energy Control and You: Where Do You Fit?

When it comes to lockout energy control workers fit into one of the following three categories.

  1. Affected person: performs his/her job in an area where lockout energy control is implemented and service or maintenance operations are performed. Does not service or maintain machines or equipment.
    1. Examples: Operators, engineer, or supervisor
  2. Authorized person: performs service or maintenance on machines and equipment. Uses lockout.
    1. Example: Skilled trade workers and non-skilled trades workers who unjam parts on equipment
  3. Competent person: a management-designated person with the knowledge and skills to inspect/audit the Lockout Energy Control Program.
    1. Example: Engineer, maintenance supervisor, or safety supervisor

When it doubt remember

Affected: by lockout

Authorized: to lockout

Competent: to inspect lockout

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