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Our consulting services support the implementation of planned organizational change – whether the change involves a redefined culture, an organizational restructuring, process improvements, standard operating procedures, quality systems, or lean principles. We use a systems approach to consulting projects because successful change efforts require more than the optimization of business processes and systems.

  • Competency Mapping
  • It is important to identify the skills, knowledge, and role or position.


    We can help you:

    • Analyze jobs to identify required competencies
    • Define required competencies and behavior-based performance levels
    • Develop assessments
    • Analyze assessment results to identify training needs

  • Task Analysis
  • It’s vital to know the frequency & complexity of all activities.


    Let us:

    • Identify specific jobs that require task analysis
    • Perform and document the task analysis
    • Determine elements that may need re-evaluation
    • Develop training to support each element of a job

  • Gap Analysis
  • Gaps between current conditions and desired conditions exist.


    Let us work with you to:

    • Assess the current level of performance
    • Define the desired level of performance
    • Collect data and identify all gaps
    • Recommend solutions to resolve the challenge

  • Curriculum Development
  • Training must align with competencies and career paths.


    We can:

    • Identify the goal or purpose of the training system
    • Integrate training pathways with career pathways
    • Conduct research and identify training gaps
    • Align training to competencies

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